Prewedding story 4 : Facial (Face Treatment)

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Today, my beloved senior ask me to do some facial thing for free. I dont know why she ask me to do this, but absolutely i say yes. Believe or not it is my first real facial thing. Yeah, i am not kidding. I never do this before. Oke, the fact is i did facial a long time ago but i just did this with BA from Mustika Ratu (for free because i buy their product) not with beautician.

The reason i never do facial in beauty salon is because i am afraid. I always imagine the tools that they used is not sterile enough. I am overthingking, aren't i ? But its the truth. Now, when i have opportunity to try facial in my hospital specially in women's health clinic, I dont need to think twice too say yes because i am really sure they use sterile tools.

So, this day after maternal class i do the facial-thing. First, the beautician clean my face use some cold cleanser, then she scrubing my face. Its feel fresh in my skin. She put cream in my face then massage my face, I try to remember the way she doing this but absolutely i am failed (because i am feeling sleepy). After that, she use i-dont-know-what-the-name-is tool to clean my comedos. I hate this part, because its very very hurting me! I repeat in my mind the words "beauty is pain" and try to forget the pain. I wonder how people can survive do facial once a month or once a week? because i feel like i will die. I questioningly my self, will i do this again? Do i need this treatment? The fact that i wanna getting married slap my face, of course i need this treatment even though its only before i getting married. Deep inside my heart i still prefer do peeling and maskering by my self. 

FYI, I decided to scrubing my face and then use mask twice a week for my prewedding treatment. I usually use shea sell peeling and bengkoang mask from mustika ratu (maybe someday i will review this product in my blog). I always double clean my face first before use shea shell peeling, wait for 5 minutes and then scrubing my face slowly. I put the mask after i clean the scrub and wait for 20 minutes before i clean the mask from my face with warm watter.  My skin become brighter and smoother after i do this home face treatment.
My favourite peeling

Bengkoang mask

Now, as a bride to be i decide to do facial once a month in WHC. Maybe my wedding just an excuse to do more and more treatment and buy more and more skincare (sorry, my fiancee! :p) or maybe its just the beginning i have more attention to my self. I wish i have a healthier glowy skin and be more concern about it.

Finnally, this is first time i write my story in english. Forgive me if i made a lot of mistake because i am still learning. Feel free to tell me if you think i made some mistake, smart people learn from their mistake, don't they?

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